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Andrew Weeraratne, the President of Passerelle Corp., heads the global consulting division. He is a Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of international business experience in accounting, finance and investment. He is also an entrepreneur with an outstanding track record. You can reach Andrew at: andrew@onpass.biz

Our global consulting business has two major goals. The first is to find businesses that conduct affairs that fall within the limited ways to making super wealth as we have narrowed down through our research and then help such companies achieve their highest potential. When we find the right company, with their consent, we will negotiate for some form of ownership through stock options or through direct investment. The second goal is to build relationships with successful entrepreneurs with whom we can form future ventures and partnerships while earning cash flow to expand our business. With those goals in mind here is a brief summary of the services we provide:

1.      Set up a meaningful accounting and internal control system providing timely and integral financial reports needed to operate and manage a business efficiently. We consider this task essential since without accurate and timely financial reports one cannot operate an efficient business.

2.      Do a fundamental, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the business. This is when we breakdown the business to determine liquidity, profitably and efficiency. In addition we determine if the business has the potential to grow significantly within the prevailing economic conditions and review the management and staff to determine if the company is well staffed to accomplish their goals.

3.      Help prepare a budget, sales, and cash flow projection along with cash flow and tax planning.

4.      Prepare production, management and distribution plans and help with writing a business prospectus. We recommend writing a business plan or a prospectus as a means to solidifying management strategy.

5.      Discuss future goals of the business and management objectives such as the management’s desire to expand the business or stay where they are in order to exit by selling the business or by transferring the business.

6.      If management is keen on expanding then look into expanding organically or through mergers and acquisitions and come up with a way to follow up on those goals including helping with raising capital for such expansion.

7.      Preparing the company for setting up a franchise or a public offering or both.

8.      Structure and help businesses with global expansion plans.

9.      Help with hedging and arbitrage to protect its budget or to allocate limited capital efficiently.

We have chosen to perform global consulting as our premier service currently as it has become the most synergistic way for Passerelle Corp to expand its business. We apply the same strategies that we recommend to other businesses to expand our company. Also, often we find the companies we consult with become our partners in ventures.

We mostly target medium and small sized businesses in providing our consulting services since they often do not have the budget to recruit larger firms that provide similar services. We have an advantage over various consulting firms because we have hands-on-experience in building successful businesses—a task we still carry on.

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